Our Team

Karen Leggett, D.O.

Dr Karen Leggett graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999, followed by a Family Medicine Residency at her alma mater, a Geriatrics fellowship at Florida Hospital, Orlando, and a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging in Metabolic and Functional Medicine. She started Leggett Medical Group in 2003, practicing in multiple modalities including office, hospital, skilled nursing, assisted living, and home care for home-bound patients. She has provided hundreds of lectures to both physicians and the public, and taught clinical and didactic training to medical students at Florida State School of Medicine and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bradenton, FL.

Dr Leggett has also trained nurse practitioners in her yearlong Functional Medicine fellowships and mentorships. She was awarded a best-selling author award through co-authorship with Brian Tracy, one of Dr. Leggett’s personal mentors. In addition to caring for all primary care medical conditions, Dr. Leggett has expertise in managing the unique complications associated with aging. She has devoted herself to helping patients recover from acute medical illness, improve their current state of health, while slowing down the natural process of aging so that they can feel and BE younger and more vibrant. In addition to Dr. Leggett’s goal to educate and empower others to take good care of themselves, she has recognized that by bringing talented health professionals together, Leggett Medical Group can accomplish far more as a team than Dr. Leggett could accomplish alone.



Catherine O’Connell, M.D.

Meet the lovely Dr. Catherine O’Connell who has been a physician since 1979 after graduating from Exeter Devon in 1978 followed by a Family Medicine and OB/Gyn Residency in the United Kingdom. Following her move to Florida, Dr. O’Connell completed a second residency in Family Practice at St. Pete Bayfront Hospital in 1990. Dr. O’Connell is in the elite few who has also completed a fellowship in Nutrition with Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. She has been a valuable asset to the Sarasota community for nearly 30 years.

While Dr. O’Connell and Dr. Leggett’s relationship spans a decade, with similar philosophies in holistic and nutritional medicine, Drs. O’Connell and Leggett have maintained separate medical practices while also joining mutual forces to care for patients of Leggett Medical Group in extended care facilities. Dr. O’Connell shares Leggett Medical Group’s philosophy of providing unequivocal medical care based on listening, asking extensive questions, and spending the time necessary to understand patients as a whole.



Hiram Dickinson, APRN

Hiram is Leggett Medical Group’s Unique Sunshine mixed with superior medical skills. There isn’t a soul who doesn’t smile when Hiram is present. His ability to communicate with patients and reach patients at an intimate level is beyond compare. Though Hiram manages complications related to multiple medical conditions with ease, he also maintains a humble, joyful, and fun-loving nature that bonds patients and nursing staff alike.

While Hiram is assessing patients in a covert manner, patients feel his warmth, understanding, and connectiveness without feeling the typical fear associated with being assessed by a medical provider. Hiram graduated 12 years ago as an RN and cared for patients at Sarasota Medical Center until he graduated from the University of South Florida in 2013 as a Nurse Practitioner. It was Leggett Medical Group's great fortune to meet Hiram in 2015, when Dr. Leggett recognized his unique skills as a talented and committed practitioner. He has been a valuable part of our team since.




Leah Lange, APRN

Leah and Dr. Leggett have a unique beginning that may just win your heart. Dr. Leggett first met Leah when she was an Intensive Care Unit RN, where Dr. Leggett was always hopeful Leah would be the RN caring for her patients. Leah initially moved to Florida to care for her aging Grandparents in Florida, and following their passing she decided to go to nursing school. She graduated as an RN in 2004, and then in 2012 graduated from the University of South Florida as a Nurse Practitioner, after which Dr. Leggett immediately hired her to join Leggett Medical Group.

Leah then completed a year-long fellowship with Dr. Leggett in Functional Medicine and practices as a wholistic practitioner in Dr. Leggett’s Midlife Women’s practice, as well as working as a full-time provider to Leggett Medical Group's long term and rehabilitation patients. Leah’s “heart of gold” connects her with patients immediately. She has a unique desire to help patients in preventive, holistic medicine which stems from growing up on her family’s organic commercial farm in Kentucky. Leah also has a driving desire to empower patients with knowledge, and loves to teach. Our patients are truly blessed to have Leah on our team.


Mary Dufek


Mary is Personal Wellness Medicine’s expert Nurse Practitioner, and star graduate of Women’s Hormone Specialist™ mentorship!  Mary and Dr Karen share responsibilities of all patients and although Dr Karen is actively involved in all patient care, she often finds Mary has already thought of everything and taken steps to make further discovery or take additional and appropriate action in treatment plans.  

Mary and Dr Karen go way back, long before Dr. Karen even began the Women’s Hormone Specialist™ mentorship.  At one point in Leggett Medical Group’s history, Dr. Karen cared for seriously ill patients in the hospital.  Most of her patients were still on ventilators and many also received dialysis.  Mary was the charge nurse at that hospital before she became a nurse practitioner and it was there that Dr. Karen saw her unique ability to care for seriously ill patients and provide loving care in the most difficult of times. 

Soon after meeting, Mary chose Dr. Karen to be her primary care physician and also brought her parents to Dr. Karen as well.  Their relationship continued to grow and eventually Mary went back to school to become a nurse practitioner.  She soon began working with Dr. Karen, caring for patients while mentoring with her in the Women’s Hormone Specialist™ program.  Now she is Dr. Karen’s right hand expert Nurse Practitioner ready to help her and patients at any time.

When Mary’s not working, you’ll probably find her snuggling up to her new fiancé!  She is also actively involved in caring for two of the sweetest parents you could ever meet.




Rhonda Holb, APRN

Rhonda is nothing short of an exceptional nurse practitioner, whom Dr. Leggett is elated to introduce. Rhonda graduated as a Nurse Practitioner from Kent State University in 2009 and knew immediately that her love for caring for the aging population was the type of practice she would devote her career to. She immediately began her practice caring for patients in rehabilitation, skilled, and long-term care, as well as assisted living facilities while still residing in Ohio. In 2015, Rhonda and her family relocated to sunny Sarasota where she met Dr. Leggett, who immediately saw her amazing talents as a nurse practitioner and hired her to join the team.

Dr. Leggett is always in amazement of Rhonda’s photographic memory and ability to grasp extensive concepts quickly and accurately, making complicated decisions for patients accurately. Rhonda is also a certified wound care specialist which is of great help to Leggett Medical Group patients. Her kindness and acuity to diagnose and accurately treat complicated medical conditions quickly and accurately is beyond usual, and truly a gift to the patients of Leggett Medical Group.