Our Commitment

We utilize conventional and holistic care to help you heal and thrive.

ttentive: We pay attention to patient and family needs as if you were our own family.

R eliable: We provide fast action to the needs and desires of patients.

E xperienced: We offer multiple decades of provider experience.

S killed: We are committed to ongoing research and education.

To Patients and Their Families:

  • To provide you with CARES: Comprehensive, Attentive, Reliable, Experienced and Skilled Medical Attention.
  • To treat you as if you were our own family member with compassion and appreciation.
  • To help you Recover from Illness, Improve Your Current Health, Get Stronger, and Feel Younger.
  • To always listen to your needs and strive to always answer your questions.
  • To communicate with family members of your choice.
  • To prevent illness before it happens.

To our Internet Based Friends and Customers:

  • To empower you with the knowledge needed to choose the appropriate medical care for you and your family.
  • To provide you with knowledge so that you are more prepared to ask the right questions to your own doctors.


To Providers:

  • To provide your patients with exceptional post-acute care so that they can safely return to your outpatient care in a stable and stronger state.
  • Provide necessary communication to assure your patient has a safe transition from the hospital to rehab - then rehab to home - and back to your office for follow-up.