Catherine O'Connell, MD


Medical School: Exeter Devon

Residency:  Family Medicine and OB/GYN residency in the United Kingdom

Second Residency: second residency in Family Practice at St. Pete Bayfront Hospital

Fellowship: Fellowship in Nutrition with Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. 

Why did you go into medicine?

 I went into Medicine because around 6 or 7 years old I got the idea in my head and made up my mind I would become a doctor. Both my parents were doctors. I loved hearing their stories and I remember one Christmas when I was around that age, and all the family, 6 siblings and father came down with the flu, mother and I were the only ones left standing, and I became nurse checking everyone's temperature and reporting back to father. 


Was there any key person, milestone, or pivotal moment that helped you become who you are as a provider?

After medical school, I decided to go into Family Practice. I love obstetrics and decided to do extra training, and I was very good at it. One of the consultants I worked for wanted me to go into it as a career. I got an interview and was asked if I would do abortions, they were done on the NHS, and I said no I would not. The lady who interviewed me said I was wasting my time and to forget OB as a career. I ended up adding 2 years of ob/gyn training to my FP training. The practice I joined had a cottage hospital where we did normal deliveries. My training came in very helpful. I did several breech deliveries that unexpectedly turned up in our labor unit. 


Reflecting on your career, what has been the most rewarding part?

There are too many rewarding moments to count. I love helping people.


Why did you choose to work at Leggett Medical Group?

I was invited to join LMG by Karen, and it was a hell-yes moment. I am so appreciative to have been given this gift of working with LMG


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love listening to integrative medical podcasts, constantly improving my knowledge base with cutting edge ideas. I love gardening. My garden is full of native plants which attract butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds. I love being in nature. I love hiking , and have a friend who I go hiking with. We have done a lot out west in Colorado, Washington State, California, Arizona to name a few, and since Covid we have done Georgia and North Carolina.