Skin Itch

General Information

An itch is a skin sensation. The other skin sensations are touch, pain, heat, and cold. An itch leads to a desire to scratch. Itching has many causes from simple dryness of the skin to serious systemic diseases.

When itching is persistent or recurrent, the scratching that it leads to may cause injury to the skin. Often the injury itself produces further itching and a vicious circle occurs.

Your physician will attempt to identify the cause or causes of the itching. If a cause can be identified, treatment of the cause, if possible, is the best way to control the itching. If the cause is not identifiable, your doctor may be able to prescribe medicines to help reduce the itch. It may also be necessary to treat the injury caused by scratching.

Important Points in Treatment
Don’t scratch. If you cannot control the urge then use your finger tip, not the nail, to rub gently on the itching area. Use a good moisturizing lotion, particularly after a bath or shower. If itching persists seek help from your physician.

Notify Our Office If ...

  • You develop a persistent or recurrent itch.
Scratching produces a rash or other inflammation of the skin.